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Traditional affinity

In 2014 they delighted the fans of melodic emphasized EPIC VIKING METAL with their acclaimed album "Elderslied".

Now the Basque masters INCURSED return with a remarkably fine EP, which can optimally represent the typical style of the playful band.

Officially, "The Slavic Covenant" was released on July 31, 2017.
This EP serves as a harbinger for the upcoming studio album "Amalur", which was funded by the band with a crowdfunding campaign. The official release of "Amalur" will be announced in time.

The five mercurial compositions on "The Slavic Covenant", including the equally surprising and original done A-ha cover of the chartbreaker "Take On Me", show a completely unused and persistently hungry formation. 
INCURSED also free up massive energy spills in 2017!

For the song Fear A' Bhata", INCURSED adapted the musical basic theme of a Gaelic folkloric song from the late 18th century. The refrain is presented in original language.

The modified band logo - in Cyrillic spelling - on "The Slavic Covenant" is a courageous tribute of the crafty Basque bunch to a Ukraine tour, which has been remembered as a wonderful experience. 

July, 31st 2017

01. The Slavic Covenant 04:47
02. Akelarre 04:28
03. Wild! (2017) 03:31
04. Fear A' Bhata 04:53
05. Take On Me 03:48
total: 21:27 min.

Asier Amo - Drums
Asier Fernández - Guitars (lead)
Jon Koldo Tera - Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Mikel Llona - Bass
Lander Lourido - Vocals, Guitars


4,5 / 5
"With this small appetizer we were left with the desire to hear the album "Amalur" in full. If it sounds half as good as these four advances we can find a chant in our teeth."
(Larry Runner)

8,5 / 10
"… a new work very accomplished and full of strength …"
"In short, a very complete EP, with good clues of what awaits us with 'Amalur', with improvements in production … I look forward to hearing the new LP in full."

"… a good ration of energy, strength and power in abundance. … we can not ignore the voice, which sounds sovereign and hard, bringing more intensity … I encourage you to listen to 'The Slavic Covenant', it will not disappoint you."
(Dioses Del Metal) 


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